S.T.E.A.M. Bowl

Cemex’s commitment to education and environmental stewardship shines through in our Annual STEAM Bowl, held for local students in Lake County. The STEAM bowl brings together students from charter schools in South Lake County and provides them with a platform to showcase their talents in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

The inception of our STEAM Bowl has its roots in an initiative to bring charter school students the same foundational educational experience had by students at traditional public schools. Cemex’s event is like no other STEAM bowl, with all questions and activities tailored to the building materials industry.

The STEAM Bowl makes learning fun and relevant by organizing a competition that mixes art, critical-thinking, engineering, collaboration, and creativity. This not only helps students excel in school but also teaches them about caring for the environment and coming up with new ideas in the building materials field. It’s a way to get kids ready to be the next great innovators and environmental leaders who think about the planet.

Wesley Locke, Principal of Spring Creek Charter Schools sent the following message:

“I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for all the work you, and Cemex put into the Charter School STEAM Bowl. Our kids and staff were very pleased with the entire experience! They came back full of stories, smiles, and new knowledge! I hope we have photos to share with the media. You all need to be recognized, as this was a great partnership between our schools and your company. Thank so much! I hope we can make this an annual event!”

The 4th Annual STEAM Bowl in 2024

Hosted at Imagine Charter School in Clermont, bringing together students from multiple schools, and providing an outlet to show off their academic achievements.

Florida Earth Day Art Contest

To celebrate Earth Day in a way that was sensitive to the continued COVID protocols of both Cemex and the communities we serve, we sponsored a Florida Earth Day Art Contest open to all Florida elementary, middle and high school classes. The guidelines were for a 3D or 2D piece that used recycled materials of a pollinator interacting with a flower. By making this a requirement, the contest highlighted the Earth Day core value of recycling while supporting the importance of pollinators to the environment.

Cash prizes for classroom use were awarded to the top three entries. Participation exceeded our expectation receiving entries from all of the state. As you can see by the photos, the finished projects were well thought out and designed. The virtual art contest was so well received, we plan to make this an annual Earth Day activity!