Cemex uses only a portion of its land for operations, placing much of its property in a natural state to serve as wildlife habitat. Our efforts to protect the environment earned Cemex the Wildlife Habitat Council’s “Wildlife at Work” certification. We’ve also partnered with local schools to create six Florida-based environmental education centers, including Center Hill, Brooksville, Davenport, Lake Wales, Miami and Engstrom Outdoor Classroom, right here in Lake County. Once the site of active operations, Engstrom is now home to a wide range of native plant and animal species. Each year, thousands of students visit our classroom to discover local wildlife and learn more about Florida’s delicate ecosystems. Cemex takes a “hands-on” approach to problem-solving and teaches students scientific thinking skills. With guidance from our staff and local experts, students observe, formulate hypotheses, design experiments, gather, record and analyze data, and then draw conclusions. At Cemex, we believe in teaching today’s students so we can help create tomorrow’s scientists.