Are your students curious about operations at Cemex? Have they ever wondered about how their schools, homes and favorite theme parks were built? A virtual field trip with our trained staff can provide students with valuable out-of-the-classroom learning experiences from the comfort of their desks. Teachers and students can interact with a Cemex virtual-chaperone during a live presentation and question & answer session. Our virtual field trips are hosted online on a virtual platform of your school’s choosing.

To schedule your virtual field trip, please fill out the contact form below. Our Cemex informational education specialists will reach out to you to schedule the experience. We have several virtual field trip options available, and educators can choose from virtual visits to:

  • Lake Wales Ridge Scrub Habitat
  • Gator Sand Mine Nature Trail
  • Gator Sand Mine Operations
  • Center Hill Limestone Quarry
  • Quality Control Laboratories

Looking for more outside-of-the-classroom educational activities? Visit our At-Home Learning Center.

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